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December 9th, 2007

Deep Joy

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It’s that bloody time of year again. Christmas Do’s (how do you spell the plural of a ‘do’?).

I expect that Police bashes are much like any other organisation, except we have to pay for them ourselves rather than the company. (We don’t get a Christmas bonus either unless you class working Christmas Day & New Year’s Eve as a bonus).

It will be interesting to see the internal politics of the do this year being as it will be my first with this shift. Who will go, who won’t go if someone else goes, who will sit on the same table as so and so and who won’t. It’ll be interesting to see if PC Knob takes his wife or just spends the night flirting with the call-takers in the hope of an extra-marital festive shag. The person who organises the event is on her top pay rate and is married to someone also on a very decent wage; they don’t mind arranging jollys at prices which us family folk baulk at, so a £40 ticket plus the expense of hiring a monkey suit means I have to cough up £150 before I’ve even walked through the bloody hotel door, not to mention the price of the bloody drinks at that place. Deep Joy just before Christmas and me without a pay rise to speak of.

Still, I suppose I could send the Nintendo Wii back and use the money for beer. The kids would never know, I’ll just blame the lack of presents on the Home Secretary.

In the meantime, here’s another gratuitous video of what I like best – arsehole motorcyclists who come a cropper when engaged in the art of showing off.