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December 7th, 2007


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This woman is a cannabis-smoking, back-stabbing bitch.

For anyone not recognising this useless waste of space, this is the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, the one who has stabbed the English & Welsh police in the back by coming up with the wonderful money-saving device of refusing to give police officers their pay rise when it was due (September) and saving the grand total of some £30million  by denying us a pay rise for 3 months, thus bringing our pay rise down to 1.9%.

Yes, I know I mentioned this a couple of days ago but I’m annoyed, bloody annoyed. I’ve given nearly 30 years of my life to the service of the people of this country. All I’m after is a fair pay deal. What I don’t expect is to earn less money next year than I do this year. My mortgage has gone up, my petrol bill keeps going up (£1.02 per litre), my house insurance went up £8 a month this week, my council tax is higher this year than it was last year. My pay is going up a poxy 1.9 per cent.

Meanwhile, I guarantee this old jobsworth above is being lauded in the corridors of Whitehall for saving the country a poxy £30 million quid.

They’ve done fuck all to protect Mrs Miggins from being robbed by illegal immigrants, they’ve done fuck all to stem the tide of chav scum costing the country millions in anti-social behaviour. They’ve done fuck all to protect the public by keeping those most dangerous to the public locked up for their proper sentences.

But they have saved £30million by shafting the police, who they know can’t do a single, solitary thing to stop them. She must be so proud.

I shall be making sure that I am financially stable with this ‘rise’ by saving myself £20 a month and withdrawing my subscription to the Police Federation, since clearly, they are as toothless as I had thought they were. If someone can actually work out the sums, let me know if that makes up for the 3 month’s pay rise I’m not getting this year.