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December 5th, 2007

Shafting Bastards

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Following my comments in September eagerly awaiting the annual pay rise which we were due to have in September, the Home Office announced that they were going to award us 2.5%. This was a clear slap in the face towards 170,000 police officers and a breach of the agreement set up by Lord Scarman which would have seen a 3.5% increase as in previous years.

So the government thought "fuck ’em, we can save some money here and just give them 2.5%" It’s illegal for the police to take industrial action so we can’t do anything about it unlike firefighters, prison officers & ambulance staff, all of whom the police have had to cover when they’ve taken to industrial action.

As if kicking our pay award system into touch wasn’t enough, a report leaked this week shows that not only are they shafting us on the total pay award, they are sticking the boot in by now saying that the pay rise won’t be backdated to September, the month it was due, but they’re gonna deprive us of 3 months pay rise and start it on 1st December, meaning that the award is actually worth 1.9%.

Jacqui Smith, the latest in the line of useless tossers at the Home Office has written to the Treasurer from which I quote:

Dear Chancellor,

Police Officer Pay 2007

I would be grateful for PSX(P)s agreement that I should accept the Police Arbitration Tribunal’s award of 2.5% to police officers, but stage its implementation so that the increase is only effective from 1 December 2007, three months into the police officer pay year. This will produce a headline annual settlement of 1.9%. I would be grateful for responses to this letter by close on Monday 3 December in order to enable me to seek to bring the Scottish Executive along with us on this and then announce y decision alongside the police grant settlement next week.

Accepting the Tribunal’s reccomendation but staging its implementation is consistent with the main approach we have taken on pay review bodies. We will have the moral high ground in moving away from former the OME Index, while being consistent with affordability and Government pay policy. The Tribunal’s findings provide a transitional public sector-facing index, which looks likely to generate decreasing settlements, and will help us pave the way for the transition to a pay review body………

No I know why we have knife amnesties in this country, so the Government have enough to stab its police officers in the back. Watch the Police Forums for a sharp rise in officers demanding the right to strike!