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December 4th, 2007

More medals all round

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So everyone is up in arms about all the speeding tickets.  Apparently we’re handing out 2 million tickets a year between the 6,000 speed cameras placed all over the country.

The first surprising thing is that there are apparently around 2 million blind idiots driving around the UK’s roads; that’s not you and me, it’s the ones who can’t spot a speed camera.

The idea of speed cameras, if you are to believe the government, is not to make even more dosh out of the easiest sitting duck this country has ever had – the motorist – no, it’s to reduce the amount of fatal & serious accidents. 3,172 people died on the road sin 2006 which represents only a 7 per cent drop from 1998 when the speed cameras were introduced. While it’s great that there were less road deaths, it’s hardly a resounding endorsement for the success of the speed camera initiative.

The fact that the amount of traffic officers throughout the country has significantly reduced can’t be a coincidence as the country continues to abrogate it’s law enforcement and traffic educational responsibilities in favour of grey poles & digital images. Traffic officers are now tasked with ‘taking the roads away from criminals’ or getting easy detections by using ANPR & no longer spend the majority of their time dealing with the arseholes who either won’t or can’t drive correctly.

The speed cameras are a success in one sphere though. In 1997 motorists incurred speeding fines amounting to £28.5 million. In 2005 this had gone up to £115 million. Tea & medals for everyone at the Treasury, then.