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December 1st, 2007

Preparing your defence…or not preparing it

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Not content with bringing himself, and, dare I say it, the force, into disrepute by getting three speeding tickets whilst the ACPO lead on traffic safety, Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Meredydd Hughes was accused last week of "breathtaking hypocrisy" & wasting taxpayer’s money.

He was due at Wrexham magistrates court on the 21s November to answer a third charge of speeding (90 in a 60mph) in May this year in Wales.

You’d have thought that a serving Chief Constable would have a kind of an inkling how the judicial procedure works, that’s unless he’s one of those "accelerated promotion" characters who do about 6 minute sin uniform on the street and 29.6 years in an office thinking up ides to grease the promotion ladder even further (not sure that’s the right phrase I’m after as I guess a greasy ladder would just make you slip down it rather than climb up it, but you get the picture). So it’s kind of astonishing that Speedy Gonzales’ excuse for having his case adjourned was because he ‘couldn’t find a solicitor’.

Having said that I’m astonished, thinking about it, perhaps he might have an argument. I know you’ll find a solicitor to represent the lowest piece of scum who is banged to rights on the most horrendous of offences but maybe solicitors won’t stoop low enough to represent a chief officer accused of his third speeding offence.

Send him down, I say, it’s the only language these people understand, that and leaving the crusts on the cucumber sarnies at the police authority meeting.