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November 14th, 2007

Man Bites Dog

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Police Dog Soty will be on sick leave for a while in Kansas City, USA.

Police Officer David Magruder was trying to arrest a taxi-fare dodger when the man resisted. The officer released his German Shepherd, Police Dog Soty, from the nearby police vehicle by remote control. The dog, doing its duty then bit the offender, who bit the dog back, almost biting off its ear!

The man was finally detained when other officers arrived and tasered him, not before he could bite Officer Magruder also. The police dog subsequently had his ear sowed back on by a vet.

My surprise in this stroy isn’t that someone bit a police dog, but that the dog was released from the van by remote control, like they have such devices? How fantastic is that. You turn up at a job whch doesn’t immediately require the dog, it goes pear shaped but you can’t go back to the van to get the dog, you just pull out a little zapper, press the button which unleashes the dogs from hell, brilliant.

We should be getting it in about 15 years then.

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