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November 11th, 2007

Whoops I done it again

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What kind of idiot gets done for speeding? I mean, it’s not rocket science really is it, most speed cameras are painted bright yellow & large enough for their own postcode. They have huge speed camera warning signs for miles either side of them and even on roads nearby which don’t actually have cameras on them. Most camera vans aren’t painted in three-tone urban camoflage and are visible from about 3/4 of a mile away, and most traffic officers standing at the side of the road with a hand-held laser are dressed in nice yellow coats which look like they’re powered by the national grid.

In other words, you’ve got to be pretty bloody useless in order to get a speeding ticket, the same ticket that the vast majority of the rest of us who speed avoid every single time we go on the country’s road network.

To get one ticket might be seen as unfortunate, to get two is just careless. What of the people who get THREE speeding tickets. Not only have they demonstrated a complete disregard for learning from history (their own, motoring history), they are patently serial speeders and therefore serial law-breakers and surely the most unobservant motorists to ever take to the road? How can anyone get caught three times?

So what sort of complete numpty am I talking about? Step forward one Med Hughes. Guess what he does for a living? Yep, he’s a police officer? Guess what rank he is, yep, a Chief Constable. Guess what his special interest is? Yep, head of the ACPO committee on Roads Policing (making the roads safer to you and me!).

Chief Constable of South Yorkshire, med Hughes, was caught driving his car at 90mph in a 60mph limit by a speed camera as he drove through Wales whilst on a break. He is due to appear before Wrexham magistrates at the end of November.

He has stepped down of head of roads policing although an ACPO spokesperson said this had nothing to do with his recent summons! – they made it sound like he was coming towards the end of his tenure on that role. Nothing to do with the summons??? Well it bloody well should have – he should have been sacked from the role in disgrace. Yet again we see cases where PCs are brought to book (stuck on) for all sorts of ‘offences’ while senior officers are allowed to do as they please without comment or criticism from their peers?

Head of Roads Policing gets three speeding tickets, er, let me see, bringing the force into disrepute anyone?

Golden Med leaves his role as head of road safety matters and moves across into head of policing for the 2012 Olympic Games. Well that taught him, didn’t it?

Oh, and just to highlight his bloody stupidity even more, he’s the one who called for speed cameras to be "less conspicuous" to slow down more drivers. He said more lives would be saved if drivers did not know where they’d be caught speeding. Bloody hell, he can’t avoid getting a ticket when they stick out like a sore thumb, how the hell is he going to get to the end of the road without another ticket if he can’t see the bloody things?!!


Beware, this man is an idiot 

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