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November 9th, 2007

Should he stay or should he go?

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People are queuing up to demand the resignation of Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair over the De Menezes shooting. He remains steadfast. I was quite amused seeing him on TV today at the London Assembly meeting in front of all the chinless wonders basically saying "You can’t sack me, now fuck off".

As the whole world by now knows the Met were found guilty of Health & Safety breaches over the police operation which lead to the shooting of Charles De Menezes on board a Tube Train at Stockwell station in London in 2005. I always felt it was a kind of a back-door way to get the police once it was clear they were never going to be done for any crime.

Now the IPCC have released their report, which was held back pending the result of the Health & Safety trial, which also criticises the Met and their policies & procedures.

I’m reminded of all the occasions when government ministers repeatedly decline to step down over some government cock-up or other who enjoy the full support of their respective party leaders right up until he moment when they decide to ‘spend more time with their family’.

It’s only a matter of time before he goes. I expect the clamour for his position has already started amongst the career ladder-climbers of the police.