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November 3rd, 2007

Blog Updates

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Well it seems the recent changes to the ‘back end’ I made have speeded up the site a bit with nobody reporting hung pages or dreadful loading times for a while now.

It appears that Belfast Peeler has given up the blog, all blog entries have been removed apart from the most current which appears to suggest someone at PSNI has found him out, if that’s true, that’s a shame, another nail in the coffin for police bloggers.

The Sleepy Policeman hasn’t posted since the beginning of July so I’ve removed that blog from the list. Police Camera Paperwork & Unlikely Cop haven’t blogged for a several weeks, will keep an eye on that to see if it’s just a temporary lapse.

I used to have a link to Police.UK which was the government Police portal set up when the domain name was first registered. There’s a limp message on the front page saying the service is no longer available. I’m not sure what happened there, maybe nobody used it.

And yes, this little roundup is just a way of making sure I have a post every day which so far I’ve managed since the 13th September!