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October 23rd, 2007


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When we change shifts in the Control Room we have to have a handover from one shift to the next. This is so we can tell the next controller how many people reporting being harassed by text message we haven’t got round to dealing with yet (lots), and what officers are currently either in custody or doing reports (most), so the next controller has some idea what’s going on in the area.

This can take from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or more depending on how complicated the jobs are.

I try to get into work 10-15 minutes early so there is plenty of time for a decent handover & it lets the current controller get away a little earlier. Some people come in up to 25 minutes early.

If only everyone was so thoughtful. I’ve been relieved by PC Andrews this week. He really annoys me because he comes in at about a minute to the hour which means I’m the last one of my shift left in the room & he doesn’t get a proper handover ‘cos I ain’t doing it in my own time.

The worst thing is that you never get to get your own back on him by relieving him late; due to the way the shifts work his shift always takes sover from us and we never take over from them.

I walked out at 10pm this week when he still hadn’t shown only to see him standing in the kitchen sorting out his cup of tea before coming in to relieve me. Most people do it the other way round. Tosser.