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October 20th, 2007

The Boys watch the Girls

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CCTV has a habit of revealing the sad, the stupid & the downright wierd.

Take Gregory. He was on CCTV recently, star of his own show, his 15 minutes of fame, his very own Truman Show.

Gregory drives into the mutli-storey car park in the town centre. It’s about 11.30pm on a Saturday night. The top of the multi-storey provides a great vantage point over the usual Saturday night revellers.

Gregory parks his little Peugeot on the top floor, right next to the parapet. Best to keep the car close by, just in case.

He steps out & looks furtively around just checking he’s alone. He moves close to the wall & looks out onto the town below.

He watches girls go by.

He starts to rub himself as 3 females make their way past the car park. He rubs himself through the dress he is wearing. He stops, jerks his head around, he’s heard something but he’s not sure what it is. He ducks back into his conveniently parked car close by. When he realises nobody is around he gets back out of the car & continues watching girls go by. Watching & rubbing. Furtive, exciting & dangerous.

It’s not so exciting when the panda-car pulls onto the top floor.

Gregory has some explaining to do. I wonder if his wife knows.

It’s amazing what some teachers get up to in their spare time.