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October 16th, 2007

Empty Streets

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I’m not usually a supporter of much the Sun says but it was pretty quiet this shift so I pulled a few papers out of the recycling bin we have at work to while away a particularly boring few hours & happened upon a photograph with a comment from Kelvin Mackenzie that I happen to agree with.

I’ve blogged recently about the appalling way the government treats servicemen blown up on foreign fields whilst fighting the government’s battles which is terrible in itself, but what I find worse is the way we, as a nation do the same.

The photo I saw (I couldn’t locate it on the Sun’s website) was of a parade of soldiers marching through Abingdon in Oxfordshire, having just returned from Afghanistan. There is a small group of passers-by in the background but the main part of the picture shows the town centre devoid of people. Nobody welcoming the 4th Logistics Support Regiment home after a tour in a war-torn land, nobody thanking them for putting their lives at risk for a nation which is somewhat far displaced from our own, nobody commiserating them over the deaths of their fallen comrades. 

You don’t have to agree with the war to show support for the people, our friends, neighbours & families who have to do a bloody awful job at our government’s bidding. There is a ‘kin huge proportion of scum-sucking work-shy layabouts who aren’t fit to lick the boots of some of those lads in our armed forces. Let’s not ostracise our soldiers, sailors & airmen like we would a certain section of our society.

If you don’t have any troops returning from a war zone in your area, what about attending a Remembrance Service around November 11th. It’ll take about an hour of your life & is probably within walking distance.