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October 13th, 2007

Me First!

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Anyone who has ever worked on a front-line shift will know the feeling at the start of duty when it comes to dishing out the patrol cars. There is a strict hierarchy. Traffic get all the best motors, area car drivers get the next, longer serving officers who aren’t advanced drivers get the next and probationers or newer drivers get what’s left.

There is usually a selection of varying  standards of performers when it comes to patrol cars. A few work all the time, one or two never work at all & there is always one which constantly breaks down and spends most if its life on the back of a truck between Police HQ & the manufacturer with one saying there’s a problem and the other saying they’ve examined it and there’s nothing wrong with it, every few weeks.

So it’s perhaps understandable that there is sometimes a, er, ‘scrabble’ for the keys after read-up. Everyone wants the best car.

I seems an officer at fairwater Police Station in Cardiff took things a little too far.

It’s alleged that an officer attacked a colleague in a police station during a row over who was going to drive the new patrol van. PC Byron Emmerson-Thomas  wanted first go because the vehicle was unusually fitted with a normal car-style stereo (these are usually removed on delivery to HQ). Another PC, Aled Bartlett was allocated the vehicle so PC Emmerson-Thomas went for him, Cardiff Crown Court was told. It’s alleged the officer pushed the other officer spilling tea on him & then punched him. Emmerson-Thomas denies wounding.

Some people just can’t take a joke.

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