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October 12th, 2007

Planet Police

Posted in Blogging by 200 is a police blog amalgamation. They trawl through various police blogs and reproduce posts with links back to the individual sites.

I had a few posts from my blog on there, some time ago, then for some reason they stopped posting my blog entries there. I was going to make a blog entry about it something along the lines of thinking it was an online advert for PC Bloggs, the Inspector Blog & David Copperfield, so many of their posts appear there and what have I done for them to lose interest in me, when I visited yesterday, it was the same, lots of entries from the big three, a few from one or two others & none from me.

Imagine my surprise, when I came to write the piece tonight and checked PlanetPolice I found no less than 7, count ’em, seven 200weeks’ entries. Not that I object to having my posts reposted elsewhere, far from it, it’s nice to think someone feels they may be worthy of reporting.

In recognition of my recent re-entry into PlanetPolice‘s blogs, I’ve added a link to them on my blog-roll. If you are PlanetPolice, reading this now, thanks very much, it’s great for us less-visited blogs to get some extra exposure, so don’t be a stranger!