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October 9th, 2007

Diversity PCSO on Patrol

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In another victory for wonderfullness a police sergeant from London has complained to the Met’s in-house newspaper "The Job" about a PCSO mascot currently used for publicising the role of PCSOs within the capital.

PCSO Steve, is a mascot for the service based on a real PCSO from Sutton in Surrey and features a PCSO costume with a kiddies’ character-type head, radio & namebadge and visits primary schools & public events.

The sergeant said the male, blond and blue-eyed character failed to represent the communities he served, and could leave Asian and women officers "isolated". Speaking about a recent event, he said: "An Asian member of our team agreed to fulfil the role of Steve, getting inside the suit. "However, he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and, because the character is a white, blond-haired male – who would not have dark-skinned arms – it became apparent the officer would not be able to perform the role. "Female members of the team also felt isolated, due to the gender issue."

He added, "I understand the concept of using a mascot. However, why wasn’t more thought put into the development of the character?"

The Metropolitan Police spokesman said, "We have now rectified the situation and from now on there will be a representative sample of mascots attending all school talks. We have ordered costumes to fit out Gay PCSO, Lesbian PCSO, PCSO Mohammed, PCSO Igbenikwe, Polish PCSO, Disabled PCSO, Transsexual PCSO, Cross-Dressing PCSO, Chinese PCSO, Tinker-Tailor-Soldier-Sailor PCSO, Armed-Robber PCSO and PCSO PCSO. Unfortunately, there will not be any room in the classroom for the children but at least we will be reflecting society better than we do currently.


PCSO Steve
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