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October 1st, 2007

No problem

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PC Cross is a rare breed. It’s a pleasure to work on the channel when he’s on duty. He makes your life that little bit easier, that bit more pleasant & less stressful.

When you give a job to PC Cross he just accepts it. He doesn’t argue the toss, he doesn’t ask if anyone else is free, he doesn’t suddenly realise he has got an urgent enquiry which must be completed now & he doesn’t start his reply on the radio with "Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you I’m….". Ever.

What’s more, he goes & does the job & he does it properly. He works, he works hard. Much harder than most or at least much more pleasantly than most. His most common reply is "No problem".

You have to be careful not to take advantage. When you get a job come in the temptation is go take the line of least resistance & give it to someone who won’t debate the ins & outs of a cat’s arse on the reason we have to attend, to someone who won’t take longer arguing about going than it would take to actually deal with the incident.

I like working with PC Cross. And every so often I email his inspector to let him know too.