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September 26th, 2007

Some People

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What is it about someone who grows up wanting to be a police officer, passes all the hoops and jumps to get appointed, does their probation and after two years’ service applies to come off the street into the control room? 

PC Andrews is one such officer. I don’t get him. Why would you do that? He hasn’t begun to learn his craft yet. His experience level is minimal, he hasn’t been trusted to do much stuff on his own for much more than a year, if that. He’s young, very young. I’m surprised his mother lets him do nights. I saw him on shift tonight (he works opposite shifts to me) and I swear he looked like he has to get up for a paper round in the morning. 

I suppose the clue comes with his reputation. Apparently, he was bloody useless &  a liability out on shift. Rather than tell the bloke he’s not suited to the job & maybe he should find a different source of income, they move him to the control room.

He’s no longer bloody useless & a liability on the street; he’s useless & a bloody liability in the control room. The management find it easier to put up with it & move them from one place to the next until the next shift get fed up with him, easier than jumping through the hoops they created themselves in order to sack him, for being bloody useless.

September 26th, 2007

Is anybody there?

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No, I guess not…

A post a day for 13 days, my world record. 14 posts with a total of 11 comments.

Over 200 posts in 2 years with an average comment ratio of 1.7 per post.

Yes, I am getting disillushioned.