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September 23rd, 2007

Sorry I couldn’t help

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I often wonder who reads this blog (if anyone!) and how they find the site. It amazes me the amount of people who tap something totally unrelated into a search engine and end up here, most of them must be so disappointed.

Here are a few search queries in a 24 hour period this week:

  • Criticisms of PCSOs – There are probably lots depending on who you speak to, visit any police forum for a random selection
  • beresford solicitor – Why would anyone be looking for a scummy solicitor?
  • – Police Information portal with forums, lots of criticims of PCSOs there.
  • police constables blog david copperfield – the original, sorry to disappoint you now that you’re here instead of there.
  • the sharp end police – people actually want to look for that Home Office propaganda mag?
  • johnno hills – ex-cop now running a campaign for proper policing
  • custody sergeant – a good one is your friend, a bad one is a wanker.
  • advertising on police websites – you can do it here for a few free samples (provided it’s porn or donuts you’re selling)
  • Nina Hobson – how do you spell that sound you make in your throat just before you spit?
  • other jobs related to bing a policeman – I don’t know any policemen called Bing, much less whether he has any related occupations.
  • download ansaphone messages – record it yourself you lazy bastard
  • miners recovering solicitors fees – miners don’t recover solicitors fees, the solicitors have spent them on a new Aston Martin
  • is it possible to get a job with police cautions? – If Police Cautions is the name of a company & they are currently recruiting I’d guess, yes.
  • police epaulettes number what mean borough code – English not your first language eh? Try the Met Police website.
  • free bloggs – someone after my own heart, no I wouldn’t pay money for this blog either.
  • christmas leave luton to belfast – how the bloody hell did you think coming to a police blog would solve that problem?

These are all genuine search queries from my logs taken from one day this week.