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September 18th, 2007

Copperfield Revealed

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The identity of PC David Copperfield, he of the Policeman’s Blog & "Wasting Police Time" book has come out of the closet in grand style on last night’s Panorama edition on the BBC.

It turns out Stuart, as he is, resigned form the job in June and is taking up a post as a police officer in Canada. Good luck to him. He did a great job and had one of the most successful blogs on the internet. It was certainly talked about in many places, although it seems from his latest post that he’s moving on now. There aren’t many of us who can say we’ve been talked about in the Houses of Parliament! I was surprised that he only had 4 years in the job which means he must have been well disillusioned about half way through his probabtion. I thought it took at least 2 years to become thoroughly pissed off with this job. My only other surprise was, well how can I put this, so young and so little hair.

If you didn’t see the 17th September edition of Panorama, you can watch it online until the next edition next Monday. You’ll find it on the BBC website.

Best wishes David/Stuart, thanks for the work you’ve done on behalf of us ordinary coppers, and thanks for being the inspiration behind me starting my blog!


September 18th, 2007

Blogging Updates

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Just carrying out a bit of blog maintenance & I notice a few new police blogs plus a few which have drifted off into blog-history.

There seem to have been some hacking going on at Midlands PC’s blog seems to have been hacked & all posts deleted to be replaced with a long list of meaningless words & an advert for Amazon. Police Probationer’s blog appears to have been hacked and replaced with adverts. 

You’re Nicked has packed up blogging. 

I’ve removed a few from my sidebar which haven’t been updated for months on end.

Here’s a few new ones….


Response Plod

Ashfordly Police Station

Unlikely Cop

Tales from the Metropolis

Man Eating Cheese Sandwich

If you’d like your police blog added to my links section, let me know.