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September 16th, 2007


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Trained Killer 

According to the Sun, SAS ‘hero’ Andy Mcnab has had his laptop stolen from his car. 

It seems some lowlife scum had it on his toes with Mcnab’s precious IT. Let’s hope it doesn’t contain the plot to his next book or the names and home addresses of all his old SAS pals.

As the Sun says, "The culprit will be sweating when he finds the man he targeted is a trained killer who served ten years in the crack SAS — motto Who Dares Wins."  Hmmm, I bet there’s more chance of the police catching him than a man with the blacked-out face, that’ll be bugger-all then.

Mind you, five minutes with an ex SAS ‘hero’ would probably do more to put off the errant youth from a life of crime than any number of appearances in front of the local beak.

According to Andy’s own website, he "trained as a specialist in counter terrorism, prime target elimination, demolitions, weapons and tactics, covert surveillance and information gathering in hostile environments, and VIP protection, McNab worked on cooperative operations with police forces, prison services, anti-drug forces and western backed guerrilla movements as well as on conventional special operations. In Northern Ireland he spent two years working as an undercover operator with 14th Intelligence Group, going on to become an instructor.

McNab also worked as an instructor on the SAS selection and training team and instructed foreign special forces in counter terrorism, hostage rescue and survival training."

All that very expenive and intense training and he still leaves a laptop in an unattended vehicle. Doh!