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September 14th, 2007

More Wastage

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Is it me or are logistics departments shite?

When I was a ‘proper’ policeman if we wanted time off or annual leave we spoke to the shift sergeant. Provided you didn’t deplete the shift too much you were moe or less allowed holiday whenever you wanted it. I attended several college courses and arranged to have one of my DRDs (deferred rest days) on the Wednesday of every late turn so I could attend as many classes as possible.

If there was a problem getting leave or time off there was a certain amount of leeway to barter amongst colleagus & offer favours in return for swapped shifts.

This worked well for the last 30 years or more until some numpty came up with the brainwave of having a ogistics officer to sort out all duties and leave, Obviously such a role as slooking at a few annual leave applications & then ticking them off on a calendar grid required the resources of a fully-sworn police constable (who would be taken from the front-line). So step forward some useless street dodger with 3 years’ service. The upshot was that nobody could get any leave when they wanted it & there were never enough officers to cover the pre-planned events.

A similar situation existed in the Control Room; leave was sorted out by the shift supervisors & generally everyone got what leave they wanted. Someone, possibly the same person who introduced ‘logistics’ on division introduced it for the Control Room, only they didn’t have one officer doing it, they had a whole bloody department.

It could have been predicted that any incompetence from a single logistics officer would be multiplied by the amount of people in the new department.

Now nobody gets leave, ever, full stop. They constantly ring you at home asking you to either go in early or work your rest day because piss poor planning has meant there aren’t enough people working.

Despite the fact that we’ve had Christmas for about 2,000 years they still can’t work out how many officers they will actually need until a few weeks before Xmas sneaks up and jumps out at them. This means that all Christmas leave is blocked until a few weeks before Christmas meaning even if you are the one person on a shift of 50 granted Christmas leave you will be safe in the knowledge that it will be far too late to actually book anything worthwhile.

Bunch of tossers.