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September 13th, 2007

Many Happy Returns

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(A bit more leave and a recent death in the family have kept me from this blog for a little while, but hopefully, I’m back with a few more posts.)

Well, it’s a Happy Birthday to Me! Two years of blogging and still going.

I’ve not had a visit from the Rubber Heel Squad & the Thought Police up at HQ, I suppose I can be grateful for that.

Isn’t it a shame that we can’t share our thoughts & experiences within the Police Service for fear of being tracked down by a unit determined to stifle what should be our free speech. Such is the paranoia that, to date, I’ve not told a single person that I write this blog. Not a colleague, friend or family.

Maybe when the 200 weeks is finally up I will come out of the closet & really reveal some of the shite that goes on behind the closed doors of Police HQ. To do that currently with a lot of the stuff I’d like to talk about would probably reveal the force in queston so I only really talk in generic terms.

Still, not too long left now.