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July 26th, 2007

Money for Old Lags

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Who says crime doesn’t pay?

As the Sun reported last week it certainly did for one adventurous teenager who broke into a Leicestershire primary school.

Whilst engaged in his felonious little plans he happened upon a gate on which he duly swung. This caused said gate to collapse causing some consternation as well as injury to chummy who was subsequently the proud recipient of £5,780 of our English pounds courtesy of the tax payers of Leicestershire. The Sun doesn’t go into detail about the level or type of injury received was but let’s hope it wasn’t anything trivial.

Whilst I agree that local authorities have a responsibility to maintain their property such that lawful users of it aren’t hurt, isn’t it about time we agreed that people who are there unlawfully give up any rights so that when they sue for something caused by their own criminal stupidity we tell them to fuck the hell off?