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July 31st, 2007

Pot & Kettle

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Does anyone know what’s happened to the investigations into alleged financial mismanagement in the National Black Police Association?

It was reported back in June that:

  • 8 members spent more than £25,000 on a fact-finding mission to the USA & Canada
  • Cheques totalling nearly £40,000 were issued but investigators couldn’t find out to whom.
  • No paperwork existed for 59 out of 72 payments in part of 2005.
  • One member spent £1,400 on 2 sat-navs.
  • No accounts had been filed since 2003.

Apparently, the Home Office froze the funds of the NBPA in April pending an investigation by auditors.

Strange how an organisation which spends so much time & effort criticising everyone else does not itself appear to be whiter than white.

Link to report in the Sun 

July 28th, 2007

Police Blog News

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What’s happened to MidlandPC‘s blog & how long has it been offline?

As of writing this visitors are met with a message from saying "This blog is under review due to possible Blogger terms of service violations & is open to authors only". Is there a story I’ve missed while I’ve been sunning it up elsewhere?

And on the subject of Police Blogs, it seems that You’re Nicked has decided to quit. 

It’s not often I get anywhere first these days but it was nice to see on my trawl around the blogs after my soujourn that I beat several of them to the Derbyshire Police in the Flood video by 3 weeks in some cases.

Blues & Twos seems to have quit as there isn’t a post since January. 

July 26th, 2007

Money for Old Lags

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Who says crime doesn’t pay?

As the Sun reported last week it certainly did for one adventurous teenager who broke into a Leicestershire primary school.

Whilst engaged in his felonious little plans he happened upon a gate on which he duly swung. This caused said gate to collapse causing some consternation as well as injury to chummy who was subsequently the proud recipient of £5,780 of our English pounds courtesy of the tax payers of Leicestershire. The Sun doesn’t go into detail about the level or type of injury received was but let’s hope it wasn’t anything trivial.

Whilst I agree that local authorities have a responsibility to maintain their property such that lawful users of it aren’t hurt, isn’t it about time we agreed that people who are there unlawfully give up any rights so that when they sue for something caused by their own criminal stupidity we tell them to fuck the hell off?

July 24th, 2007

About Time

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The front page headline sin this week’s Sunday Express read "Maddy’s parents to face enquiry".

It seems that CPS lawyers are looking into whether the parents of missing toddler Madeline McCann could face charges of child neglect after leaving their three children unattended in a hotel room while they dined out with friends at a nearby tapas bar. They chose not to use the hotel’s baby-minding service even though it was free of charge.

Quite right that this is being looked into. I said at the time that if it was a single girl from a council estate had done that her feet wouldn’t have touched the ground.

Sure, nobody can say for sure whether not leaving the kids alone in a hotel room would have prevented the kidnapping but I’m bloody sure it would have been a helluva sight more difficult. 


July 23rd, 2007

I asked for some Holiday, not the Crown Jewels

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How fantastic is annual leave, if you can get any, that is?

It’s my favourite shift, along with rest days & sick. The trouble is that the two-week holiday comes to an end with the awful realisation that you have to go back to work. I’ve just had my first day back and already applied for my next batch.

I can’t get any leave for the rest of the year, mind & I still have just over 50% of my annual entitlement left. I’ve just had 12, yes 12 leave applicatons turned down because the shift is at or below minimum staffing levels between now and Christmas. I have been granted 3 days in November, so that’s nice.

Still, I suppose it’ll bring my retirement date forward by another few weeks as it’ll be carried forward to 2008.