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June 14th, 2007

Could do better…

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I know I’ve mentioned poor quality web design in relation to Police Blogs in the past, it’s one of my little bugbears.

I was minded to check out the British Police Memorial pages to see if PC Jon Henry had been added (he has) and I was struck that the website – The Police Roll of Honour Trust – still looks like it was designed in the mid 90s. The actual Roll of Honour which lists officers who have either died or been killed on duty hasn’t changed style-wise for years and they still don’t have the facility for people to leave individual thoughts on a dedicated page for each officer (except for a woefully amateurish guestbook where all officers’ comments are mixed up). I can’t help but wonder if this is a fitting way to remember our fallen colleagues.

Compare it with the American  – Officer Down Memorial Page – which still looks fresh, clear & sharp, is fully searchable and every officer has their own ‘Reflections Page’ where family friends, colleagues & others can leave memories or comments about the fallen officer.

I know the UK site is the work of a small number of individuals who probably maintain the site in their own time but come on, Police Roll of Honour Trust, let’s have a site that is properly fitting to the memories of our brothers & sisters!