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April 27th, 2007

Praise Indeed

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You have to give good news with bad, at least that’s what I’ve learned at a recent training session.

You can’t tell it like it is anymore you have to give praise aswell as criticism. that’s exactly why the education system is so crap, or at least the results are; nobody fails anymore, they just don’t pass so well.

They mentioned something about a ‘feedback sandwich’, good – bad – good, or something. This is not similar to the more familiar ‘shit sandwich’ which the police have been dutifully eating with relish for years.

So in a practical sense when the poorly trained civvies send over a crap log missing half the information the coppers on the street will need, if I go over to criticise I should also point out also something which is good.

I’ve got my lines rehearsed already.

"Crap log….. nice tits though."