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April 26th, 2007

Mind Your Back!

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You go to a completely different environment with its own ethic when you go into a police control room.

For a start, you’re working with mainly civilians – or should I say ‘support staff’?; the people in suits at HQ don’t like us using the term ‘civvies’ anymore. Not only are they mostly non-police officers but most are women.

The last shift I worked on didn’t have any female officers. I’m not used to it, my eyes are being opened.

You have to be careful what you say, not because their delicate ears may suffer an offence – they swear far louder and more often than I do, by a very long chalk – if they don’t like what they hear they won’t tell you, they’ll tell someone else, usually a supervisor or professional standards.

I’ve only been here a matter of weeks & already someone is in trouble for saying something to a mate which was earwigged by someone else who reported them. Someone else has been grassed up for leaving work 15 minutes early (with permission from a supervisor who is also now in trouble) and someone else has been told  not to say something again but doesn’t know exactly what because the supervisor telling them not to say it says she can’t reveal what it is this person shouldn’t say because to reveal what it was they had said would reveal the identity of the person to whom it was said and complained and the complainer wanted to remain anonymous, if you follow that, crazy.

And I thought it was dangerous on the streets.