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April 5th, 2007

Worker or Shirker?

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You certainly get a different perspective on your colleagues when you work in a control room; you soon find out the workers and the shirkers.

There are two types of job. Ones where everybody wants to go, things like burglary in progress, fight or drunken topless female in the High Street.  These are the jobs where you get to stick on the blues & twos & get to blat from one end of town to the other – I sooo miss my driving – and hope someone else picks up the paperwork.

Then you have all the other jobs. The ones that nobody wants to go to.

Some officers make more effort than others to assist with the second type. the trouble is, the officers who willingly accept the crap jobs end up getting shafted because it’s less hassle for a controller to give a job to them than it is to end up arguing the ins & outs of a cat’s arse on the merits of police attendance with someone who can give 20 reasons why they think we shouldn’t attend. They spend more time arguing about why they shouldn’t go than it would have taken to have dealt with the bloody job in the first place.