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March 22nd, 2007


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The recent cases in the news of the teenage lads stabbed to death has brought the current state of the lawless untouchables back into the national consciousness as they stroll around London stabbing anything that moves.

That kids carry knives shouldn’t surprise anyone these days. We live in a climate which demosntrates to those without better morals that you can do whatever you want to whomever you want without consequence. And, in the rare event you do get caught, the punishment will be a fiver out the poor box and a Chinese burn from the magistrate.

The Government’s solution to this horrendous blight on society? To create a new statistic.

Unlike gun crime, there aren’t any specific stats for knife crimes, they all just get lumped under whatever the final outcome is – GBH or murder or whatever. So if we start collecting the stats on knife crime that’ll stop people stabbing each other. What a bloody masterstroke for John Reid. Back to the Home Office country club for tea & medals all round.

Perhaps we should just ban the carrying of knives in public and make it illegal for people to poke holes in someone with them, oh wait a minute…..

March 22nd, 2007


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Blimey, is it really over 2 weeks since I last added an entry to this blog? Not keeping up my New Years’ Resolution very well, am I?

I’ll slap myself on the wrist (not in view of anyone at work otherwise someone will want a  log on it and it crimed) and try to do better in future.

In the meantime;

I must update my blog more regularly, I must update my blog more regularly, I must…….