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March 28th, 2007

Holy Grail

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So John Reid, the kick-ass Home Secretary has decided that to solve all the problems of the Home Office he has to come up with a masterstroke.

Apparently, all the problems of the piss-poor sentencing guidelines, releasing prisoners too early, not locking up enough, not monitoring them when they are released, rampant illegal immigration, islamic terrorism, shite policing etc etc ad infinitum, can be solved by simple dint of…wait for it….splitting the Home Office into two.

Fantastic, why didn’t we think of it sooner. It’ll cost millions and millions, create several more layers of bureaucracy and instead of having a government department "not fit for purpose", we’ll have…two government departments not fit for purpose.


March 22nd, 2007


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The recent cases in the news of the teenage lads stabbed to death has brought the current state of the lawless untouchables back into the national consciousness as they stroll around London stabbing anything that moves.

That kids carry knives shouldn’t surprise anyone these days. We live in a climate which demosntrates to those without better morals that you can do whatever you want to whomever you want without consequence. And, in the rare event you do get caught, the punishment will be a fiver out the poor box and a Chinese burn from the magistrate.

The Government’s solution to this horrendous blight on society? To create a new statistic.

Unlike gun crime, there aren’t any specific stats for knife crimes, they all just get lumped under whatever the final outcome is – GBH or murder or whatever. So if we start collecting the stats on knife crime that’ll stop people stabbing each other. What a bloody masterstroke for John Reid. Back to the Home Office country club for tea & medals all round.

Perhaps we should just ban the carrying of knives in public and make it illegal for people to poke holes in someone with them, oh wait a minute…..

March 22nd, 2007


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Blimey, is it really over 2 weeks since I last added an entry to this blog? Not keeping up my New Years’ Resolution very well, am I?

I’ll slap myself on the wrist (not in view of anyone at work otherwise someone will want a  log on it and it crimed) and try to do better in future.

In the meantime;

I must update my blog more regularly, I must update my blog more regularly, I must…….


March 5th, 2007

She Must Be So Proud…

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According to Inspector Gadget’s Blog, Britain’s first black high court judge has reduced the sentence of two low-life oxygen-thieving pieces of shit known as Jack Turner & Lance Samuels. She must be proud of a good day’s work, then.

Pond-life Jack Turner Scum Lance Samuels

According to the Met’s website these two pieces of scum attacked off-duty PC Daniel Coffill as he left a nightclub with three female friends in Bromley town centre in July 2005. Looking for a light for a spliff they approached the group of friends as they got to their car. Turner asked for a light, the PC declined and got into the car whereupon the two scumbags became abusive and Samuels spat on the car. The officer got out of the car to remonstrate and was punched in the head so severely he collapsed onto the ground sustaining a severe head injury. The males then assaulted him by kicking him in the head as he lay in the road.

Nearly two years later PC Coffill remains in a coma in a persistent vegetative state requiring 24-hour care. His parents, Margaret Gardhouse and Len Coffill, said they were "totally devastated by this inane act of violence".

In a statement, they said: "Daniel’s sisters, brother, girl-friend, family, friends and colleagues have all lost a very compassionate and loving member of our family.

"We are all very proud of Daniel who, although very young, has achieved so much and touched the hearts of so many people.

"At this time Daniel remains in a vegetative state but we pray daily for a miracle that may some day return him to us."

In June 2006, the attackers were jailed for the princely sum of 8 & 9 years for GBH with intent. (about 4 or 5 years in real terms).

Inspector Gadget reports that their sentence has been reduced on appeal. Unfortunately, I can’t find out why or by how much but am reporting what Insp Gadget says as a result of a request to further publicise this travesty of justice. It quite simply beggars believe that two things of the quality of Turner & Samuels can kick someone literally senseless leaving them in a coma, get a pitiful 4 years in prison and have this further reduced.

Innocent Victim & Good Guy PC Daniel Coffill


How long must we put up with risible sentences for some of the most vicious & brutal attacks which have absolutely devastating effects on the victims & their families?