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February 13th, 2007

Heroes & Zeroes

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Mr Baird fought in the War. He won’t tell you but his neighbours say he flew Spitfires. 

His wife died a few years ago & he’s not been the same since; she did everything for him. Now he gets what assistance is available from the Meals on Wheels folk and the local Home Help service, plus the watchful eye of a friendly neighbour or two.

The help, such that it is, hasn’t prevented a small but dedicated team of thieving travellers from relieving Mr Baird of over £20,000 in the last 3 or 4 years.

Bless his advancing years, times change fast, things are expensive these days. Mr Baird never realised it cost £3,000 for someone to come snap a few branches off his old hornbeam tree in the front garden. And goodness, hasn’t the price of rooftiles shot up, you don’t get many for five grand these days. And the guttering that costs £400 a metre has to be specially made, you know, sir.

Still, it’s nice to know the cream of the Irish travelling fraternity are always on the lookout for Mr Baird’s safety & well being, when they need an extra bit of cash.

Sadly, the low-life scum-sucking filth never arrive when we’re sitting in Mr Baird’s bedroom, but they will, one day.