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February 8th, 2007

A Nice Start

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I spent the day in the control room today, a bit of a taster before I go on a course to bring me up to speed with a few computery-type control room things.

What a bloody day to start. Run bloody ragged from start to finish.

As we all know whenever this country suffers a little bit of snow the whole place grinds to a standstill. We had four times the number of jobs we normally have in this particular sub-division. All weather-related. The thing was that it wasn’t the usual RTCs or breakdowns and abandoned cars all over the place. We didn’t have many RTCs over & above a normal shift. The thing which created 90 per cent of the problems was nuisance f****** kids.

Well, nuisance kids is a term we often use for out of control little shit-bags who don’t give a flying fuck for the rights and needs of anyone else. It wasn’t just one set, or in one town centre, it was in all of the towns we covered today. CCTV was no deterrent in the town centres that have it. They were all quite happy to line up and assault anyone they could with snowballs. It wasn’t just simple playful launching of hardened ice missiles into  the friendly faces of jolly passers-by. It was attacking cars, pulling open car doors of vehicles travelling slowly or stuck in the traffic and bombarding the occupants, it was viciously assaulting anyone who put of a bit of resistance. It was taunting PCSOs with snowball attacks and bombarding police vehicles.

Oh what fun they had. It was so busy on the radio and driving the command and control computer that we didn’t even get a chance to explain to everyone who rang in why we weren’t bothering to do anything about all this riotous behaviour.

If course there was so much of it that about 80 per cent of the people who rang 999 never received any kind of police presence which left them feeling let down and just gave the yobs carte-blanche to get away with everything. Still at least the control room targets for answering the calls within 10 seconds was met, so it’s tea and medals for the department in charge of answering calls and filling in government statistics.

The ones who could guarantee a police presence were the ones who said the youths were only throwing snowballs at them because they were a) black, b) Jewish or c) gay. The fact that the other 200 people attacked during the same morning were white, female, male, old and young obviously meant that if you happened to be any of the aforementioned groups you were being singled out and deserved special treatment over and above everyone else.

This job really pisses me off sometimes.