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January 27th, 2007


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Home Secretary John Reid has been caught out this week in a classic ‘Doh!’ moment.

The continuing prison population problem has necessitated him writing to every judge in the country to remind them (plead with the, more like) that they don’t need to send everyone to prison.

A blind man in a darkened room could see that the letter was specifically and only designed to get judges to stop sending naughty people to prison because the government’s mismanagaement of the prison system over the last ten years has once again made sure there isn’t actually any room in a prison to send someone.

The various government mouthpieces denied this was the case, of course, much like my daughter wiping sugar from her lips whilst denying she’d raided the cookie jar. Do they really think we’re stupid??

When asked why the letter had been sent if it wasn’t designed to get judges to stop imprisoning people, Geoff Hoon , on BBC’s Question Time said it didn’t hurt to remind judges from time to time about the powers open to them, as if otherwise supposedly intelligent and competent professionals had suddenly completely forgotten their role & responsibilities.

I’m eagerly awaiting a letter from some government department or other to remind me to make sure my arsehole points towards the ground next time I go for a walk, just in case I’ve forgotten.