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December 16th, 2006

Suffolk Jack

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So Suffolk Police have their own serial killer. 

Who’d be a senior detective in Suffolk at the moment? The eyes of the entire western world are watching every move, questioning & probing the minutiae of everything the police do.

It didn’t take long for the usual sick jokes to start filtering around. We had the annual Christmas bash last week. You know the ones, where you eat frozen food, someone doesn’t get enough veg, one person throws up and several people go home with the wrong partner. I won’t repeat any of the jokes here but suffice it to say they’re doing the rounds, let’s just hope via private mobile phones rather than job email, eh?

When the story broke I immediately thought back to the days of the Yorkshire Ripper. I was a young bobby back then and followed the case with more than a professional interest. When I got to thinking about it, there have been quite a few serial killers during my service.

Serial killers aren’t as rare as you might think. Below is listed the serial killers who have been active during the time of my police career, and no – Jack the Ripper, doesn’t appear:

  • Anthony Hardy – 3 murders
  • John Duffy – 3 murders
  • Michael Lupo – 4 murders
  • Beverly Allit – 4 murders
  • Colin Ireland – 5 murders
  • Kenneth Erskine – 7 murders
  • Angus Sinclair – 7 murders
  • Kiernan Kelly – 9 murders
  • Robert Black – 11 murders
  • Fred & Rosemary West – 12 murders
  • Peter Sutcliffe – 13 murders
  • Dennis Nilsen – 15 murders
  • At number 1 with 300 plus is the Doctor with the prescription, Harold Shipman.