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December 9th, 2006

Where do I sign?

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The Goverment have an electronic petition site where people can go and create a petition for people to sign online. It’s got to be a good thing; think of the amount of paper wasted when someone takes shedloads of signed forms to Number 10, the doorman takes them in and shoves them straight out the back door into a handy skip.

What happens at the end of each online petition isn’t clear but it is priobably much the same as written petitions; exactly nothing but it will save wear and tear on the Prime Minister’s doorman’s back. 

Someone has created a petition about policing standards which appears to be based on PC Copperfield’s much lauded blog.

It reads: 

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to allow Police to return to sensible Policing.
The public are increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of sensible policing due to paperwork officers have to do preventing them being on the street. Police are blogging to expose failure in the system from political interference. Public and police are being let down by leaders with no idea what takes place on streets and in stations, wasted money and resources caused by politicians who might as well be on another planet. Let experts who do the job say how policing should be done not non-experts who have never been policemen. Politicians are making the police a laughing stock. Politicians, take this seriously, find true facts from public and police who have to give embarrassing excuses to why the service is so bad. Get at the sharp end for a week with patrols, let the public see you taking notice, listening to what really goes on. Take time to read police blogs, if you are convinced then see if we can change this country for the better. Start by signing the petition.

While there you might like also to sign the petitions for:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to use Police resources to catch criminals and louts and not to persecute motorists

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Reverse the decision not to award D.C Stephen Oake a posthumous George Cross

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Introduce random surveillance of police in the streets to prevent them from committing perjury
Increasing surveillance in police stations is having a positive effect on the culture, many misdeeds that police used to get away with are now impossible.
However, in the US police cars are routinely equipped with several cameras; in this age of computers it would be easy to monitor individual pedestrian police personnel in a similar manner as well.
Making such material available as a matter of course to all interested parties [defence lawyers, police complaints authorities, etc] plus devoting resources to random monitoring, could make our police forces a respectable institution rather than the cart of rotten apples currently seen

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Turn Britain into a democracy

The Proclaim St David’s Day as a Welsh national holiday has 3 times as many votes as the one for St George’s day.

Anyway, go and have a look and do your bit for democracy, whatever good it’ll do…