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December 7th, 2006

More Fodder for the Quarterbacks

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As if the stabbing of a PCSO in Manchester wasn’t enough to re-ignite the PCSO-slagging juggernaut, another one has been injured in Bristol.

A 19-year-old female officer was patrolling a park in the city when she was approached by a man who grabbed her arm and shoved a bottle into her face

Doubtless it will be the fault of the government again and the control room who allowed her to walk about her beat in a public park. Surely if PCSOs were ditched this wouldn’t have happened, yadda, yadda yadda.

Of course ‘we knew this would happen’. We know PCSOs are going to get attacked and injured on duty, the same as teachers, taxi drivers, council officials, shopkeepers and any other section of society you might care to mention. It’s not the fault of anyone other than the people who do the deed. Trying to blame the system on something which is inevitable at some stage is both misguided and ill-timed.

Again, my thoughts are with the officer who was injured.

December 7th, 2006

Bring on the Armchair Quarterbacks

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A PCSO has been stabbed in the neck in Manchester whilst assisting housing association staff who were evicting a 63-year-old tenant. 

It has been subject of much discussion in the police blogs and forums since it happened on Monday.

A quick check of the forums at UK Police Online, Police Specials, Police999, Police Oracle & Police UK all showed the same trend.

Discussions to express concern & sympathy for the officer rapidly descended into the usual petty & often ill-informed slagging-off of the PCSO system & PCSOs themselves, again. At least in several forums it took a few posts before the armchair quarterbacks got in on the act. At PoliceUK it was in the first post.

Comments along the lines of ‘we knew this would happen’ ‘wannabe police officers’, ‘why was he at the incident in the first place?’, goverment should be blamed’, ‘boys playing mens’ games’ etc etc et-bloody-cetera soom came to the fore.

Everyone is blaming someone, the government, the system, the control room, the supervisors, the chief. I didn’t see one post which put the blame squarely on the real cause of the injury; the bloke who thought the best way to deal with his problems was to shove a sharpened piece of metal into the neck of a guy who had previously done him no harm – the guy who actually stabbed the PCSO.

I’m pleased to see that PCSO Gary Etchells appears to be making some progress. I hope he makes full & speedy recovery & wish him well.