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December 5th, 2006

Crazy Email – Crazy Search Terms

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It seems that quite a few people have found this blog as a result of looking for information about a "black man being decapitated on railings after a pursuit by police". I like to keep an eye on my stats and how people find this blog.

The most popular search word for people coming to this site was "pissing". Not "police" or "blog" or even "policeman talking bollocks", but "pissing". 51 searches for pissing have brought people to this blog. No I have no idea either. I have no idea what the connection between pissing and 200weeks blog is except maybe that police officers spend half their time pissing in the wind both within the job and with membesr of the public.

The next most popular search term was "the sharp end police" with half as many hits. Presumably someone keeps trying to locate that Home Office-backed magazine called "The Sharp End". After that come various terms like "police999", in2police, police offficer blog, etc etc.

Pissing has been top of the search charts for months, but this week it was blown into a cocked hat by people searching for "black man being decapitated on railings after a pursuit by police" or variations thereof. 154 searches using those terms have led back here. And I think most of those were before I’d written the article about the result of that particular case.

Strangely, only 6 people have been looking for info on "thieving travellers".