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December 16th, 2006

Suffolk Jack

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So Suffolk Police have their own serial killer. 

Who’d be a senior detective in Suffolk at the moment? The eyes of the entire western world are watching every move, questioning & probing the minutiae of everything the police do.

It didn’t take long for the usual sick jokes to start filtering around. We had the annual Christmas bash last week. You know the ones, where you eat frozen food, someone doesn’t get enough veg, one person throws up and several people go home with the wrong partner. I won’t repeat any of the jokes here but suffice it to say they’re doing the rounds, let’s just hope via private mobile phones rather than job email, eh?

When the story broke I immediately thought back to the days of the Yorkshire Ripper. I was a young bobby back then and followed the case with more than a professional interest. When I got to thinking about it, there have been quite a few serial killers during my service.

Serial killers aren’t as rare as you might think. Below is listed the serial killers who have been active during the time of my police career, and no – Jack the Ripper, doesn’t appear:

  • Anthony Hardy – 3 murders
  • John Duffy – 3 murders
  • Michael Lupo – 4 murders
  • Beverly Allit – 4 murders
  • Colin Ireland – 5 murders
  • Kenneth Erskine – 7 murders
  • Angus Sinclair – 7 murders
  • Kiernan Kelly – 9 murders
  • Robert Black – 11 murders
  • Fred & Rosemary West – 12 murders
  • Peter Sutcliffe – 13 murders
  • Dennis Nilsen – 15 murders
  • At number 1 with 300 plus is the Doctor with the prescription, Harold Shipman.

December 9th, 2006

Where do I sign?

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The Goverment have an electronic petition site where people can go and create a petition for people to sign online. It’s got to be a good thing; think of the amount of paper wasted when someone takes shedloads of signed forms to Number 10, the doorman takes them in and shoves them straight out the back door into a handy skip.

What happens at the end of each online petition isn’t clear but it is priobably much the same as written petitions; exactly nothing but it will save wear and tear on the Prime Minister’s doorman’s back. 

Someone has created a petition about policing standards which appears to be based on PC Copperfield’s much lauded blog.

It reads: 

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to allow Police to return to sensible Policing.
The public are increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of sensible policing due to paperwork officers have to do preventing them being on the street. Police are blogging to expose failure in the system from political interference. Public and police are being let down by leaders with no idea what takes place on streets and in stations, wasted money and resources caused by politicians who might as well be on another planet. Let experts who do the job say how policing should be done not non-experts who have never been policemen. Politicians are making the police a laughing stock. Politicians, take this seriously, find true facts from public and police who have to give embarrassing excuses to why the service is so bad. Get at the sharp end for a week with patrols, let the public see you taking notice, listening to what really goes on. Take time to read police blogs, if you are convinced then see if we can change this country for the better. Start by signing the petition.

While there you might like also to sign the petitions for:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to use Police resources to catch criminals and louts and not to persecute motorists

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Reverse the decision not to award D.C Stephen Oake a posthumous George Cross

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Introduce random surveillance of police in the streets to prevent them from committing perjury
Increasing surveillance in police stations is having a positive effect on the culture, many misdeeds that police used to get away with are now impossible.
However, in the US police cars are routinely equipped with several cameras; in this age of computers it would be easy to monitor individual pedestrian police personnel in a similar manner as well.
Making such material available as a matter of course to all interested parties [defence lawyers, police complaints authorities, etc] plus devoting resources to random monitoring, could make our police forces a respectable institution rather than the cart of rotten apples currently seen

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Turn Britain into a democracy

The Proclaim St David’s Day as a Welsh national holiday has 3 times as many votes as the one for St George’s day.

Anyway, go and have a look and do your bit for democracy, whatever good it’ll do…

December 8th, 2006

Semper-Fi gets Stamped on

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I see this week that the Rubber-Heelers have managed to close down another blog.

Semper-Fi packed up some months ago but I understand he started blogging again recently. A post dated 4th December outlines how he was invited for coffee and cake by the ‘top brass’ & ordered to cease blogging. All previous blog entries have been removed.

Presumably Semper works for a less tolerant force than Inspector Gadget.


December 7th, 2006

More Fodder for the Quarterbacks

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As if the stabbing of a PCSO in Manchester wasn’t enough to re-ignite the PCSO-slagging juggernaut, another one has been injured in Bristol.

A 19-year-old female officer was patrolling a park in the city when she was approached by a man who grabbed her arm and shoved a bottle into her face

Doubtless it will be the fault of the government again and the control room who allowed her to walk about her beat in a public park. Surely if PCSOs were ditched this wouldn’t have happened, yadda, yadda yadda.

Of course ‘we knew this would happen’. We know PCSOs are going to get attacked and injured on duty, the same as teachers, taxi drivers, council officials, shopkeepers and any other section of society you might care to mention. It’s not the fault of anyone other than the people who do the deed. Trying to blame the system on something which is inevitable at some stage is both misguided and ill-timed.

Again, my thoughts are with the officer who was injured.

December 7th, 2006

Bring on the Armchair Quarterbacks

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A PCSO has been stabbed in the neck in Manchester whilst assisting housing association staff who were evicting a 63-year-old tenant. 

It has been subject of much discussion in the police blogs and forums since it happened on Monday.

A quick check of the forums at UK Police Online, Police Specials, Police999, Police Oracle & Police UK all showed the same trend.

Discussions to express concern & sympathy for the officer rapidly descended into the usual petty & often ill-informed slagging-off of the PCSO system & PCSOs themselves, again. At least in several forums it took a few posts before the armchair quarterbacks got in on the act. At PoliceUK it was in the first post.

Comments along the lines of ‘we knew this would happen’ ‘wannabe police officers’, ‘why was he at the incident in the first place?’, goverment should be blamed’, ‘boys playing mens’ games’ etc etc et-bloody-cetera soom came to the fore.

Everyone is blaming someone, the government, the system, the control room, the supervisors, the chief. I didn’t see one post which put the blame squarely on the real cause of the injury; the bloke who thought the best way to deal with his problems was to shove a sharpened piece of metal into the neck of a guy who had previously done him no harm – the guy who actually stabbed the PCSO.

I’m pleased to see that PCSO Gary Etchells appears to be making some progress. I hope he makes full & speedy recovery & wish him well.

December 5th, 2006

Crazy Email – Crazy Search Terms

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It seems that quite a few people have found this blog as a result of looking for information about a "black man being decapitated on railings after a pursuit by police". I like to keep an eye on my stats and how people find this blog.

The most popular search word for people coming to this site was "pissing". Not "police" or "blog" or even "policeman talking bollocks", but "pissing". 51 searches for pissing have brought people to this blog. No I have no idea either. I have no idea what the connection between pissing and 200weeks blog is except maybe that police officers spend half their time pissing in the wind both within the job and with membesr of the public.

The next most popular search term was "the sharp end police" with half as many hits. Presumably someone keeps trying to locate that Home Office-backed magazine called "The Sharp End". After that come various terms like "police999", in2police, police offficer blog, etc etc.

Pissing has been top of the search charts for months, but this week it was blown into a cocked hat by people searching for "black man being decapitated on railings after a pursuit by police" or variations thereof. 154 searches using those terms have led back here. And I think most of those were before I’d written the article about the result of that particular case.

Strangely, only 6 people have been looking for info on "thieving travellers".

December 4th, 2006

Where is a BBC Documentary-maker when you want one?

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The Daily Mail reported this week about the case of a racist man in South Wales who appeared at court on charges of failing to provide a breath specimen and calling someone a racist name.

For once the BPA had no need to get involved because the racist in question wasn’t a police officer, strange as it may seem on this occasion the racism was directed towards the police.

Step forward a certain Mr Muzaffar Hussain Chowdhury of Porthcawl, south Wales, who was given a one year’s community supervision order for a racially aggravated Section 5 Public Order offence when he abused officers, and a five-year driving ban.

Chowdury was being dealt with by officers for suspected drink-driving. The Mail said: "Pc Scott Howe of South Wales Police was told to "F*** off, you white b****** pig" by Chowdhury when he asked him to take a breathalyser test." He repeatedly called the officer a "white b******", whatever one of those is.

Nothing out of the ordinary so far, after all, that’s standard fare for any night shift in any average town in the UK.

The newsworthy aspect of the story was that dear old Mr Chowdury just happens to be a race relations officer for Bridgend Community Cohesion Group.

Oh dear, I fear that Mr Chowdury’s training on his induction course might have been something of a waste of money. The fellow members of his Chohesion Group must be so proud…


December 3rd, 2006

Headless Chickens – Result

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I reported back in May on the story which hit the national press of offciers and civilian staff in Hertfordshire getting in the doo-doo by forwarding inapropriate emails.

Six months on it seems that Hertfordshire have concluded their ‘speedy’ investigation into the matter by reprimanding and warning various members of their staff. 

Amazingly, the Black Police Association, who intially seemed very happy with the tack taken by the constabulary in question appear to have rescinded their initial backing for the force. Not happy that police officers have been ‘let off’ with being investigated and disciplined, they BPA trotted out theor spokepersons to spout their outrage that these officers weren’t sacked for racism.

As previously mentioned, the email in question depicted a man who had made off from police and met a rather gruesome end, the fact that the male in question was black, was of no relevance to the ‘crimes’ that the officers who forwarded the email committed. However, the BPA announced that this was a racist incident and only by sacking officers can the public’s confidence be reinstated. Of course, the BPA did not go into any details as to why this particular matter was racist; they don’t have to, the social engineers behind the BPA and indeed, the heirarchy of the modern British Police have deemed that they need not do so. They are able to say it is racist merely ‘because  it is’.

It appears the heirarchy of Hertfordshire police don’t agree with the BPA and have handed out what most sensible people would consider a proportionate response.

I don’t for one minute suppose the BPA’s response is based on anything to do with them  exaggerating the amount of racism within the UK police and thus justifying their continued exisetence. Sadly, any good work thay might do is forgotten when they spout off about racisim where none exists.

Turkeys voting for Christmas, anyone?