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October 30th, 2006

‘kin Wasters

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What is it about certain youth groups today and their complete disregard for the needs of others?

There is a growing trend of some teenagers who seem to think they have the right to do exactly what they please, when they like, no matter who they piss off. Others in the blogging world refer to them as the ‘underclass’. I prefer to use less indirect terms and refer to them by what they actually are; fucking scum.

You can recognise them because most of them wear hoodies & baseball caps, they talk as if the person they are standing next to is in the next estate, half of them last set foot in a classroom when they were 4 and ‘respec’ is a word to be uttered when they touch fists without actually knowing what it means.

They are completely lawless. Being antisocial is a badge of honour. Anyone who is double their age or older is referred to as ‘what you fuckin’ lookin’ at?’. They can’t spell ‘projectile’ but they can lob them, usually at other people’s cars or windows. Their parents, if they have them (although not usually more than one at any time), universally haven’t the faintest idea where they are or what they are doing and most of them don’t care or see that as a problem.

They’ve gotten away with it for so long they feel they have the right to do it. They talk a good game. That is to  say, they have all the mannerisms and can abuse anyone, at a distance. The thing is, if you actually stand up to them or even go on the offensive, they shit themselves. They are simply, all mouth.

Most people blame the parents. I have a different theory, I blame everyone else. That is everyone who walked past them and said nothing, everyone who left it up to someone else to ring the police, everyone who failed to stand up & be counted, everyone who shut their door and pulled the curtains. Everyone of those have, over the years, given these scumbags the implicit right to behave in the way they do. Nobody stops them, nobody told them it wasn’t acceptable.

I’m not usually one to support violence, but I’d make an exception in their case. If someone was out in the street drawing on the wall, I think residents should be within their rights to go out, pick them up by their bollocks and drag them out of the street with a warning that next time they try it their bollocks will be remaining on the wall while their arse flies across the road into the next street. If someone asks me what I’m fucking looking at, it would be the last thing they said that evening due to spending the rest of the night picking grass, mud and dog crap out of their teeth. If one resident goes out to them of  an evening it ought to be law that every other resident in the whole street must provide backup. If they damage a wing mirror, we should cut their trainers, sports shirts & hoodies off their bodies, go round their house and smash every window and then set fire to their bedrooms.

You see, you’ve only got to do it once (OK maybe twice for the really stupid ones) and they’d stop. It’s only because nobody stops them that they continue.

Next time you’re tempted to walk the other way or turn the TV up to mask the noise, just remember that you are helping the rest us to maintain the cycle of being victims to this lawless scum. Now I’m not actually suggesting that anyone goes out and commits a criminal offence, I’m using it as an illustration of the frustrations that thousands, maybe millions have. I’m lucky, I get a lot of pleasure showing people like this the error of their ways, it’s really great fun. As for anyone else who doesn’t get the pleasure of locking people up, there are very very few occasions when you can actually do nothing, yet that’s exactly what most people do…