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October 23rd, 2006

More of the Same

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Did anyone else listen to the Stephen Nolan Show on BBC Radio Five last night? (Sunday 22nd Oct)

The first segment of the chat show was all about “Are the British Police a waste of time?” and featured PC “David Copperfield” saying the kind of stuff you can read about in his blog. (In a disguised voice – I wouldn’t want to rely on the skills of the BBC’s wav-editor, it didn’t sound too disguised to me, unless of course PC Copperfield is a girl in which case I take my hat off to the show)

I caught the programme on my way home. The invited resident “expert” for the show was none other than arrogant loudmouth Peter Hitchens, whose contributions to the programme consisted of whinging like a schoolboy when someone called him a right-wing clown, complaining when one person spoke over him and then proceeding to shout over everyone who dared to offer an opinion contrary to his ‘obviuosly, I’m right, for I am Hitchens, derrrr’ right on, diatribes.

I kind of got sidetracked by my distaste for Hitchens and ended up emailing the show. Unfortunately, they didn’t read out my email, possibly something to do with using terms such as ‘get that arrogant wanker off the air’.

The discussion was really more of the same old same old, which anyone with a year or more in the job already knows. There are more coppers now than there ever have been; there are less front-line officers available to assist the public than there ever have been, and the people who really need the services of the local constables are being woefully let down.

The first part of the show were mainly police officers saying ‘don’t blame us’ and the second part was members of the public saying ‘the police are shite’. Of course, both are right. The police are shite in many many day-to-day things but it’s not usually the fault of the officers who turn up at the door. All of us are victims of a system which has, for the last 20 years, thrown the baby out with the bathwater in attempts to ‘modernise’ but merely seeks to fulfill some government departments attempts at social engineering.

Hitchens, for all his faults, may have a point in criticising the lack of the bobby-on-the-beat, as he has done for some years now at any opportunity he can. I just wish he’d stop acting like he is some kind of ‘knowledge-god’ on the subject.

If you are quick, you can listen to the show again by clicking on the first link above, but I guess it will only be online until next weekend when the new shows are recorded.