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September 10th, 2006

Parents – Who’d have ’em?

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Where does it say in the parents’ manual that if you can’t control your kids you can pass the responsibility on to the police?

If I had a pound for every missing kid report i got sent to over the last 25 or more years, who was actually missing, I’d have about, er, a pound.

The majority of missing kids are just kids who think it more important to stay out with their mates than stick to annoying parental demands.

The vast majority of people reporting their little ‘angels’ as missing know exactly where they are; usually round Chelsey’s house or down the rec’ refusing to come home and ‘can you go and get her?’

Er no, since when has it been acceptable for you to abrogate your responsibilities? She’s not missing, she’s disobedient. You go and get off your fat arse and collect her yourself. Only that message never seems to get through.