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September 9th, 2006

Happy Days

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This week marked the 25th anniversary of the women’s peace camp at RAF Greenham Common.

That takes me back; as a young officer in my first few years of service I was in a police support unit when we got called to provide mutual aid to the local force who had been beseiged by hoards of unwashed females who thought they could change the world by sticking flowers in fences & singing songs.

The hard-core lived in a little tented village made from old canvas, bin liners and Fisons fertiliser bags strewn with streamers, rainbows & balloons. I think they were called beenies or booners or benders or something. 

We traveled to the base in convoy fuelled by tales of neanderthal-like females who pinned used sanitary products to their coats so the old bill wouldn’t touch them And it was true.

They sang & chanted & screamed, waved flags, ribbons & posters. One squatted down right in front of our van forcing us to wait while she took a pee 6 feet in front of the van. I was really shocked (OK so I was young & innocent).

They encircled the fence as a gesture to try & link arms around the whole base as if anyone actually gave a fuck.

Private Eye used to have a cartoon called ‘Wimmin’ about dungaree-wearing fat lesbians. The entire cast were at RAF Greenham Common that day. 

It was a great day out. Didn’t change a thing mind, despite what the participants might tell you now.