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September 6th, 2006


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The Government’s (or should that read “Charles Clarke’s”) badly-planned attempts to merge the police forces of England & Wales has cost the tax-payer millions.

The BBC reveals that several southern forces have submitted claims for reimbursement of wasted cash spent on “consultations, meetings, literature & staff”.

Cambridgeshire Police are asking for the return of £250,000, Hertfordshire £194,000, Thames Valley £186,000 & Essex £166,000. The total being claimed by the eight forces mentioned totals almost £1.2million. If this is extrapolated across the rest of the 41 forces affected it will amount to several million quid. Tax-payers money, wasted.

A mate of mine inadvertently damaged a police vehicle recently. The cost ran to a couple of thousand of our British pounds. He was punished by having his driving permit removed, loss of overtime as he can no longer drive and loss of status (such that there is) of no longer being one of the few area car drivers on the team. And he didn’t even mean to do it.

I wonder if anyone in the Government will be taken to task for the disappearance of a few million quid down the drains of Whitehall.

I won’t be holding my breath.