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September 2nd, 2006

Squad Officers

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Squads, don’t they really piss you off? (unless, of course, you are on one) 

There are 3 types of police officer (well 4 if you count the ones who sit on their arses in offices); frontline officers who do the lions’ share of police work, senior officers and people on squads.

Squad officers are easily identifiable; they are usually either pissed or in bed at 3am, having spent years trying to get into uniform they spend the rest of their careers trying to avoid it, they are usually full of their own self-importance and whereas uniform frontline officers deal with absolutely everything, squad officers are above dealing with most things.

They also have to use the phrase ‘not in my remit, mate’ several times a shift (mainly office hours only).

They decline to carry out work on behalf of frontline officers but expect the frontline to drop everything when they want a statement or one of their prisoners needs a lift home.

The vast majority of squad members will have come from frontline positions at some stage but will have completely forgotten what it’s like on the front line & what pressures normal officers are under all the time.

Squad officers have also forgotten that we’re all actually in the same job.

(and if you think my team were let down by some squad officers this week, again, you’d be right)