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September 1st, 2006


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There’s a lovely post over at which is a prime candidate for the Dogberry column.

For those who don’t know, Dogberry is a regular column in the Police Federation monthly journal ‘Police‘ in which coppers’ stupidity is highlighted. A bit like America’s Dumbest Criminals, except for Plod.

Anyway, to fully appreciate it you need to take a look at the Police Acronym Database over  at Police999. They use some internal URL thingy and I can’t post a direct link but if you visit this link you can then choose the Acronym Database from the list of items.

It contains such helpful things as:

ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Reader

BTP – British Transport Police

CID Criminal Investigation Department

NCIS National Criminal Intelligence Service

You know, the helpful stuff which a new probationer or a non-police person might find useful to know when watching the latest edition of The Bill.

Well the story goes that a person from a certain police force (not named) saw the acronym database and thought it would be useful information for members of the local Independent Advisory Group (no, I don’t know what they do either but it’s something to do with respected members of the community getting involved in police meetings, or something).

Unfortunately, said officer didn’t actually read the whole thing before they transmitted it to all the fine upstanding members of their community. I can imagine he or she will be suffering some, er, embarassment at discovering, after circulating it, that it contains such gems as:

LoB Load of Bollocks

NFI Not Fucking Interested

FSQ – Fucking Stupid Question