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August 31st, 2006


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A low-life scum-sucking piece of shite otherwise known as Wayne Hewitt, 36, of Pennington, Hampshire has been jailed for 9 years for deliberately riding his motorcycle at PC Liz Parsonage. He was convicted of dangerous driving and wounding with intent when he aimed his motorbike at the officer who was struggling on the floor with a violent offender.

Footage of the horrendous attack was captured by city-centre CCTV & shown on the BBC News after the trial.

The officer suffered serious injuries & remains off work seven months after the attack. The human excrement convicted of the attack tried to claim he was drunk at the time and that his motorbike was out of control. Thankfully, the jury found his actions to be deliberate and convicted him.

It was then revealed to the court that he had 85 previous convictions, some of which were for violence against police including previously riding a bicycle at an officer.

Sadly this is but one example of a floating turd of society in a cess pool of scum. It’s pondlife like this that your taxes go to support and your MPs create rules & regulations to protect. Ask any victim of crime who they feel the ‘system’ protects and I doubt many will say the victim.

Let’s hope he spends whatever percentage of his sentence behind bars picking the soap up for Mr Big, or maybe someone will just flush him down the bog; I’m sure he’d feel right at home. Scum.

You can see the story & watch the CCTV here.

August 28th, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Well I’ve made it to my first year of blogging! August 29th 2005 saw my first post.

The best thing is that it is now 52 weeks closer to my retirement than it was when I started blogging. I can’t say that I am looking forward to my retirement from constabulary duties any less than I ever have. Whilst there are some aspects of the job I still love, mainly it’s a whole heap of shite. I saw this game recently where a person strapped themselves inside a huge ball and other teammates rolled them down a ramp to send them hurtling into a pile of 6-foot high skittles. Apart from thinking I was too old & decript for all that kind of stuff, it reminded me of being a front-line PC; they strap you inside, make all the wrong decisions and send you crashing into the targets where you then take all the blame for their inability to play the game right.

Anyway, here’s to another short year!

August 23rd, 2006

Blogging Design

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Am I the only one completely unimpressed by the graphical design capabilities of the people who run blogspot/blogger? I expect that there is very little choice of designs as most of the police blogs on there all look the same. You’ve got the exciting orange and white of David Copperfield’s site which is the same as De-tec-tive’s, then there’s the awe-inspiring completely black like Midlands PC, the Thin Blue Line & Policing in Scotland, the Special Special’s blog & just the same as Probationer PC, except that his makes the radical change of being white. Then there’s Officer Plod & Blues & Twos with the, wait for it, four(!) shades of blue design.

Who can forget the blue design with loads of coloured circles which look like an acid trip on Semper-fi, Disgruntled Cop & One Cop &  a Keyboard? If you don’t want to wander too far from the colour blue, you could try Black Rover’s blogspot design which is a couple of shades of blue and cream – radical! which is the same as the Cynical Policeman and the Job’s Not What it Was.

If you want some variety, try  You’re Nicked which is, er, all blue, as is the Comms Op‘s blog. For a complete change take a look at the grey, white & spewey green of A Copper’s Rant which is the same as the Ssshh it’s the Filth.

Belfast Peeler‘s site makes a refreshing change with its plain white, grey and bit of maroon and I’ve not found another like it (yet).

I don’t suppose I should level all my criticism at, it’s just that Blogger has the most police blogs. WordPress can be pretty bland, just ask Another Constable & Inspector Gadget who both use the boring generic blue & white design.

I’m not saying I’m a graphic designer and have the billy-bollocks of Blogs, there are far more well-thought-out designs than mine out there, but at least I’ve made an effort to make it a little different and a little more individual. has got to be one of the most popular sites on the internet, at least all its millions of blogs, isn’t it about time they employed a couple of designers, there’s plenty of police staff being made redundent, perhaps they might like a job.

August 22nd, 2006

Hatches, Matches & Despatches

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Another one bites the dust, Semper Fi has decided to quit blogging.

On the other hand I’ve come across a few new ones:

PC Bloggs – a Twentyfirst Century Police Officer – female officer’s blog 

Disgruntled – aren’t we all?

Confessions of a SPC – Another Special Constable’s blog

You want to be a Hero?  

 If you know of any others, let me know.


August 21st, 2006

Do You Mind if I Put These On?

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This is a bit belated but the site was down when it was current at the beginning of July so I couldn’t post about it. You can see the news story at the BBC News site.

Steven Graham, a Sandhurst Staff Sgt, was convicted of the manslaughter of PC Joe Carroll who died in a tragic road traffic accident in Northumberland in April.

Graham had been arrested following a domestic & was in the rear of the police vehicle when he grabbed the handbrake causing the police vehicle to crash at 70mph.

Graham was not handcuffed at the time. The officers were taking him to Newcastle police station as the cells at the nearest custody suite were full.

In what appears to be an attempt to shift the blame for the consequences of his action, Graham stated that “I believe that this whole incident could have been avoided had the cells at Hexham police station been able to receive prisoners… and if I had – as is the policy in other police forces – not been left unsrestrained & alone in the rear of the police vehicle when I was drunk.” 

I find it strange that currently my experience is that we have to justify why we handcuffed a prisoner rather than justify why we have not. From what I’ve seen in some other countries handcuffing is just about mandatory. What better way to signify to someone that their liberty has just been removed than handuffing them.

One of the early lessons I learned was that until you are back at either the police vehicle or the police station you never take your hand off the prisoner. It sems that we lose so many prisoners these days when they just run off that this particular lesson is no longer taught wherever new officers learn their trade these days.

I have no idea whether handcuffing Steven Graham would have saved the meaningless waste of another police officer’s life, I use it merely as an example of why handcuffing policy in the UK must change.

August 14th, 2006

Back Again

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Well, the blog has been offline for two weeks.

I’m not able to add anything to the police professional standards storm-troopers conspiracy as it had nothing to do with that. As mentioned previously, this site is kindly supplied by Apparently the server which the sites live on broke and the MySQL server failed (whatever that is), since the administrator for was on hols, nobody fixed it until he got back, so, there you go, exciting, wasn’t it?

I could have spent the down-time writing blog entries which I could now post, but I, er, didn’t.