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July 22nd, 2006

Sharp End Resurfaces

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Sharp End Magazine It seems my earlier story about the possible demise of job magazine “The Sharp End” was a little premature.

I had to pop into HQ last week to sort out some uniform and what did I spy on a table near the canteen but a pile of issue 16. The last issue I saw was issue 13 so I don’t know what happened to 14 & 15, they certainly didn’t make it to any police station I’ve visited in the last 3 months.

For anyone who doesn’t know The Sharp End is published by an independant company under guidance & funding of the Home Office. It has a mix of news and articles of supposed interest to us folk at the sharp end. However, many people see it as yet another propaganda tool of those who make the decisions which affect us, much as internal force newspapers/magazines do the same.

One good thing about The Sharp End is that it doesn’t contain any advertisments and is therefore paid for by…. the tax-payer.

You could argue that with Police, Police Review, Police Life, Police Guardian and that other glossy magazine for police managers whose title I can’t recall, we already have sufficient toilet paper in the nicks of this great nation.