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June 30th, 2006


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You know what really winds me up at work? People who are on the same team but do about 10% of the work of everyone else.

We have this officer on the shift who for some strange reason takes about 6 times as long as anyone else to do anything. This week they got sent to a missing person. Just a bog-standard, run-of-the-mill teenage misper. They aren’t really missing, they just can’t be arsed to obey parents’ rules and the parents think it’s the responsibility of the police to go find them and take them home, like 98% of all missing person reports.

So standard procedure is attend the address, search the address and then fill in a form, maybe do a couple of local enquiries and then back to the nick to put the misper on the ‘system’. Then wait for a call from home saying they’re back.

I heard the control room assign PC Lazy-arse to the job, then an hour later they called asking if the officer had arrived. Not yet arrived, will be on route shortly. An hour later, control room asks for an update, to be told that Lazy-arse is on route and will arrive shortly. An hour later, control room want an update. Apparently Lazy-arse is still taking details. An hour later control room are told that Lazy-arse is still at the house as it’s not a simple one. In the end the officer was at the house 3 hours, then back to the nick for updatng the computer system and then enquiries on the misper. That was a whole shift blown on a simple teenage misper.

Meanwhile, while that officer is taking 2 hours to get to the job and 3 hours to deal with it and 3 hours post-job enquiries, who is dealing with all the shite breaks, car crime, trivial assaults and complaints about being looked at in a funny way? Muggins and the rest of the shift.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was  a one-off but that particular officer is like that all the time. I suspect there are lots of PC Lazy-arses.

Bloody wasters