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June 1st, 2006

More Pissing in the Wind

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[I don’t believe this – I’ve just typed out this blog entry into Firefox and whilst rounding off my conclusion the browser decided to install an update and closed itself down wiping out my entire entry – BASTARD!

Well the media is still hot on the latest ‘topic du jour‘ – knife crime.

The latest batch of stabbings must be causing outbursts of “why now?” in the corridors of Parliament. The Home Secretary isn’t happy.

Since May 11th Special Constable Nisha Patel-Nasri has been stabbed to death outside her house in London, 15-year-old football protege Kiyan Prince was killed outside his school in London, Ahmed Hussain, aged 14, was badly injured after being stabbed in the stomach outside his Birmingham school. A day later Tom Grant, aged 19, was killed on a train in Cumbria & Barry Wilson was knifed to death on his doorstep in Bristol. lan Montgomery, aged 26, is fighting for his life after being stabbed in Nottingham.

So the Goverment is considering further measures to prevent this current trend in youths carrying & using knives. John Reid’s thinking of increasing the maximum penalty from two years’ prison to five and increasing the legal age for buying knives from 16 to 18. Well whoopy-do and no shit.

So here’s a little bit of advice to the Home Secretary from a lowly old copper who has been taking knives of kids for almost 30 years – “It won’t work“. And you got that free, no charge & gratis. It took about 5 seconds, didn’t involve a think tank researching it for a year or a whole department of policy & strategy makers with associated researchers.

The goverment will, no doubt, publish stats on the thousands of knives & other weapons handed in by the end of the amnesty and how much safer the streets of Britain are. They’re doing it already, at least the press are, I saw today figures for about 4 forces of the numbers so far which probably ran into a couple of thousand just for those 4 forces. Will it have reduced the liklihood of a weapon being used to stab someone, or threaten them?

Mr Reid, you and your mates have been paying so much attention to the Human Rights brigade that you’ve just about kneecapped us preventing us searching youths for knives. We more or less have to witness a blade entering a victim’s stomach before we have the power to search and even then we have to fill out the Magna Carta each time we search someone and get it signed in triplicate by the Queen. Further, there is no point in having a maximum prison sentence because nobody ever receives it. Any sentence they do receive they only serve fifty per-cent of it and of all the thousands of people convicted of possession of knives only 14 per cent receive a prison sentence. Not the greatest deterrent, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So here is Dr 200’s 3 easy tips for assisting in the prevention & detection of knife crime;

  1. Stop handcuffing the police with pointless sops to the politically correct which make it impossible for us to do a job which we are often actually quite good at
  2. Introduce a minimum sentence, forget about maximum sentences ‘cos you don’t use them. people should know that of they carry a knife they will go to prison (& not for 50 per cent of the minimum sentence)
  3. Do something about the reasons why people actually want to or feel it necessary to carry knives. I’ll admit this is more difficult but the successful treatment of crime has and always will rely on the prevention of it, not the detection of it after-the-fact and not on gimmicky publicity which confuses the issue with smoke & mirrors.

 And I won’t even charge you for that advice either.

Though a little bonus in the pay packet wouldn’t go amiss…or a free pen…or soemthing.