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May 30th, 2006

Pissing in the Wind

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Not something I tend to do, at least not against the wind. 

Pity you can’t accuse the government of the same. What are we, 1 week into the national knife amnesty and how many stabbings have hit the headlines. Must be at least three.

We’ve got one of those knife-bins at my nick. There is a ‘no questions asked’ policy when people surrender their edged weapons, meaning someone can go from the scene of a stabbing straight to the nick and stick it in the bin. Even Asda have CCTV on their front doors, we don’t.

Yet again it’s another case of the government appearing to do something about violent crime without actually doing anything. How many would be murderers have handed their weapons in, then? I guess we’ll never know but I reckon it’ll be about the square root of bugger-all. A bit like the effort the government is making into curbing violence in our society.